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CUPSWITDAICE is a DJ team, which consists of the Munich Residents DJ Hotsauce & DJ Silence.
Dj Hotsauce has spent several years of his DJ career in Atlanta, GA, is an award winning DJ (2x Justo Awards “Best International Mixtape DJ”) and is also member of the legendary Oomp Camp (UNK – Walk It Out). Over the past couple of years he has played clubs, venues and toured in cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, Munich, Atlanta, Berlin & Los Angeles.
As a youngin coming up, Dj-Silence started making mixtapes by the age of 15. Inspired by his older brother, he was passing out his mixtapes in school, where he found his first audience.
In 2011 he started playing in small underground clubs, which landed him a residency at the infamous Crux Club in Munich shortly after.

CRUX was also the place where Dj Hotsauce & DJ Silence first met and where they discovered that they both share a passion for down south rap club music.
After having then played numerous gigs together they decided to team up and form the DJ Team CUPSWITDAICE, with a mission to bring hard hitting 808s and Trap bangers to the european club scene. Their Event Series „Straight Up“became a fixture in the german nightlife scene, known for Trap and the newest music the Event made collaborations with other clubs & Partys all over the country.

In the Last years CUPSWITDIACE have played numerous Gigs at the top Nightclubs in Germany. And through several travels to Atlanta (USA) were able to make a name in the mecca of trap music.
They have shared stages and played Aftershow Partys with artists like:
Future, G-Eazy, Kid Ink, and German Artists like: Bausa, RIN, UFO361, Elias, Nimo, Luciano & more.

Genres: Club/Festival, Corporate
People: DJ Hotsauce & DJ Silence

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